Tax Preparation

Upload your files, answer a few questions here, and get on with your day. No need to spend hours in front of someone you’ll never meet again. We spend the time to get to know you, and you’ll love it. Our prices start at $125.


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Tax Planning

We aggressively look for opportunities to reduce your taxes for the current year and the next. We help you select among several options and hold you to the plan until the next filing season.


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Your Financial Team 365

Have a question about insurance? Financial planning? Flipping a house? You want to buy a business? Whatever it is , we’re here to help and we don’t sell products on commission so you know it’s conflict free advice.

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*Taxes Due April 15, 2019*

Your trusted advisor

Busy people like us since they can access our cloud to get their documents and do everything over email or text. We’re technology forward, but we’re not robots.

We don’t have to cover seasonal rent in strip malls and employ minimum wage employees disguised as tax professionals to make a living.

Unlike online tax prep programs, we don’t make you do your own tax return by following wizards for hours on end and charging you for it. Our service doesn’t end with a Submit button!

We love AirBnb, Lyft, and cryptocurrency trading and know how to optimize your income tax liability from those activities.


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