Do Uber drivers pay taxes?

Section 61 of the IRC1 says all income is income so yes, you have to report rideshare income and that income generally gets reported on Schedule C. However, you may not have to pay tax on that income depending on your uber driver tax deductions which we can help identify and report for you. How much do uber drivers pay in taxes? Self employment income is taxed at 15 percent and you also have to pay ordinary income tax on the same income but again the final tax due depends on your deductions. A similar question we get is does Lyft take out taxes? The answer is no. So how do uber drivers pay taxes? You can send a check to the IRS, direct deposit, or go on a payment plan. If you have questions about uber and taxes or your uber tax documents you should contact us. Don’t fall into these traps! Paying taxes with uber does not have to be complicated or time consuming.


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